Stepping Into Full F-O-C-U-S

Hey ABK Community,

This new year has felt like 5 whole months but I can’t complain because it has already provided lessons, insight, clarity, and opportunities.

This month alone I have within 72 hours, reflected on how my passion for helping others and being involved in other people’s process has ultimately hindered my own.

I have a big thing with being bothered by people’s lack of interest in providing me with the same help.

I also find myself feeling resentful for dealing with people who waste my time and don’t value me as a whole.

This reflection has led me to now making the decision to dialing back on the energy, time, insight, and help with those in my personal life.

So to help me get back on track with everything that involves ME, I am removing myself from being accessible and redefining what being focused means to me.

Starting with, a new “to-do” list.

Not only am I aware that I need more than just a to-do list, I need days and times added to each task so that I am holding myself accountable.

I also am going to be eliminating any relationships that are draining me of this focus. If it isn’t adding to my focus, adding to my joy to keep me motivated, it has to be laid to rest.

I have to say that I am proud of myself for even being open to being more accessible, to begin with, and I am grateful that I have received these results in order to fine-tune how I move forward in life.

I understand now, that not everything or everyone is worth my energy and in the process of being a leader I have to keep myself a priority.

This honestly makes me understand and realize why some of the greatest people seem to be “cold” or keep to themselves. Sometimes I use to question why some public figures are so accessible or why they don’t seem to “give” more to others.

Well, my experience with doing so, and newfound reflection gives me insight into possibly why. Sometimes overextending yourself for the greater good of others depletes you of your greatness and blocks blessings.

So that’s that yall. This post was really like a public journal entry.

I am putting myself back on a pedestal & I hope this encourages you to do the same!






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