How I Adopted Mental Illness & How I Maintain My Mental Health Today

the beginning 

One thing I know for sure is, we all deal with mental health issues here, there, or all the time. It isn’t a one size fits all with symptoms but I do believe there is an ultimate solution for any time you’re dealing with it. 

I have dealt with mental illness since childhood. From it being exposed to its behaviors and functions, to seeing it in the media (still haven’t forgotten about Brittney’s 2007 episode), and from adopting it myself. 

Here’s the thing. I have an interesting take on mental health and mental illness because I have seen so many cases of it & I truly do think it is complex due to the person’s willingness to either identify, release, or romanticize its symptoms. 

I use the word adopt because I feel that if you are exposed to behaviors and symptoms of mental illness as a child you will mimic it. In some cases, it’s child development. 

I feel as though I mimicked the habits, behaviors, and symptoms of mental illness and didn’t even know it. I thought my lack of drive, lack of joy, and lack of positive thoughts was normal & just due to my circumstances being I wasn’t living like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

I justified the habits and behaviors of mental illness that I was indirectly taught as just my personality and reaction to life. 

I had no idea I was being something I wasn’t. I honestly wasn’t even aware of it until I was diagnosed after going to therapy that I was Bipolar. 

Yeah, things got real and without self-awareness, I was convinced throughout high school that there was something wrong with me. When in reality I needed to unlearn the behaviors of mental illness and learn the habits of one with sound mental health.


the breakdown

I know that for some their mental illness isn’t just something that they adopted and learned as a child. I get that for some it is a debilitating illness that keeps them from thriving. I get it. It’s real and the only reason why I can say that it’s real is because of my belief in the laws of the Universe. 

Laws of attraction and energy itself to be exact. I believe that we were created by an energy that is infinite, powerful, and majestic. I believe that we are the creators of our reality and what we think, focus on, feel, and speak on becomes our constant reality until we think, focus, feel, and speak something else as our reality. 

So with this take on life, I tie in mental illness and find it to be just a manilla colored case file that has been stored in our subconscious via after birth or through reincarnation and it can be deleted or destroyed if we shift our focus onto perfect mental health.

I feel as though mental illness doesn’t have to be so heavy if we choose to believe that it is just a mix of emotions that are passing through our energy field to reveal that we need to shift our mindset, clear our energy, or change something in the physical realm. 


fast forward

Today, after 6 years of breaking down my take on mental illness, I have come up with a list of things over the years that…

  1. Initially helped me released my learned behaviors of mental illness.
  2. Helped me cope with wanting to revert back to old habits.
  3. Keep me grounded in amazing mental health today. 
  4. Stabilize my moods and reactions to adversity


the list 

  • Listen to Brain Wave Binaural Beats on YouTube to clear my energy field
  • Workout for 30min to release any pent up frustration
  • Journal the things I want to manifest so I am shifting my focus
  • Use my diffuser and essential oils that help relieve stress or depression
  • Read self-help and new age spiritual books for motivation and comfort
  • Watch interviews on my mentors who live the life I want to manifest
  • Go to the spa for 80min essential oil and hot stone massage to release tension in my body 
  • Get reiki done to clear my chakras and energy field of all low energy that is manifesting any mental illness symptoms
  • Meditate with crystals, binaural beats + cannabis (to help open crown chakra) on release generational trauma 
  • Taking a walk or hanging out at my local plant nursery to be influenced by the high energy from plants
  • Go hiking on a breezy day to connect with the energy of nature and clear my mind
  • Watch motivational videos on IGTV
  • Get out of bed and pamper myself be it hair, skin, or nails. I let it be my way of showing up for my self-worth.


the end

All the things on this list have truly helped me hold myself accountable and I hope by sharing you are able to take away one thing that you can add to your cope mechanism whether or not you agree with my take on mental illness.

I encourage you to gently assess your mental illness from a new perspective for your own personal benefit. 



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