What It’s Like To Be An Influencer: Put Some Respect On Our Name

The list is long but I will keep it cute, short & to the point.

The term Influencer is over-used, misunderstood, & frankly an over-saturated career field. 

But, in my world, the only influencer that counts professionally are the ones who get paid real cute coins 😉

Those who just post selfies, useless fashion nova photos, & clout chasing photos with photos of those they just met aren’t who I take serious or even remotely close consider an influencer. 

That is not to be harsh or shady but we are at a point where we need to get clear on the blurred lines of this field. 

There are so many amazing influencers who get overlooked & shaded due to those who aren’t influencers that oversaturate the business. 

Influencers are; a person with the ability to influence potential buyers of a product or service by promoting or recommending the items on social media.


This doesn’t specifically say that they get paid, but I am here to tell you that it should be the only way & it’s my way over here 🙂

Now that we covered the definition of an influencer, there are other components to this field of work and it can get pretty hefty. 

Influencers, those who aren’t born into money, on reality tv, or best friends with a famous person really have to start from the bottom. 

They have to come up with who they are as a brand, act as their own manager, executive editor chief, photographer, stylist, hair and makeup artist, personal shopper, creative director, and don’t forget…they have to be the actual in front of the camera influencer. 

They have to maintain their image, bank accounts, emails, technology, engagement rate, followers, and mental/emotional health… cause they are humans after all.

With the on & off-camera roles, they also have to strategize like a business and learn the ends and outs of marketing and PR.

As if that isn’t enough, they may also have to learn how to network, be extroverted, how to edit, how to take photos, what type of tech they need, and even learn how to manage their money.

Their days are full, long, tiring, taxing, and stressful. 

Once you get past the bottom level and you rise to a well-known influencer with an established brand, paid sponsorships, and a large community you then reach my level. 

This level is where you start wanting to become more than just an influencer who gets paid and you want to be an entrepreneur so you start a business. 

Starting a business all while being an influencer only adds to the work-life we just went over. 

It gets really intense & it the pressure is always there. 

As long as you are passionate, creative, and have good time management, anything is possible and if you are really amazing at what you do, you excel to higher heights.

Trust there are so many levels to this. 

I made this post to really break it down and put some respect on our name for those who are completely in the sunken place when it comes to understanding our grind and career path. 

We are hard-working, innovative risk-takers with a lot of power and influence who work from the time we open our eyes till the time we close them. 

I hope that after reading this post, you gain some respect for those you know in this field of work, and maybe get inspired to take initiative to become your own boss 😉



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