Level Up 8 Week Master Program

I created this 8 Week Master Program for those who were heavily disappointed in paying for consulting sessions that were not curtailed for them personally.

So many of you I am sure, know exactly what I am talking about.

Signing up for the latest guru’s program just to be given broad or generic cookie cutter advice on how to do something and feeling cheated and still at square one.

I knew I had a lot of you that wanted to know exactly how I have been able to build my own personal brand but you also wanted to know my personal and spiritual techniques that helped me along my path as well.

So the InfluencerTherapist was born.

I said, how about instead of doing one on one consulting for either personal advice or brand consulting, how about fuse the two and give value?

Then I went even deeper and said, what if I created an 8-week step by step program for those who need more than just one skype call session?

The blueprint of this 8 week Master Program is all about honoring the inner work so we can execute and manifest when it’s time for the outer work.

Getting clear on the problem, (us, our thoughts, our beliefs that block our manifestations, and our energy field) and re-wiring our system with all new supportive beliefs, habits, techniques, and energy to get in alignment with our desires so we don’t have to work harder anymore.

I have successfully booked clients who have been making great transformations in just the first 3 weeks and I really encourage anyone who is reading this, to learn more and give it a go. Why not?


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