I Don’t Want To Be Like Them

Have you ever reached a point where you are turned off by the people you once were close with or in association with?

Like one day you realize that those people have habits, characteristics, tendencies, beliefs, and viewpoints that are so not kind or based in love that it makes you look at yourself like damn, I don’t want to be like them.

I have reached that point.

I have been completely taken back by the realization that certain folks I associated with or were close with were extremely ego driven people with severe judgemental outlooks on life.

I guess at 25, my new shift in consciousness needed me to be aware of this so I could reflect upon myself and realize that I only attracted those people because they mirrored me.

And listen, I knew beforehand that I was a very opinionated and ego driven person, but I didn’t care.

That’s the truth.

It’s no epiphany.

What’s taking place is a shift.

My spirit is asking more of me and so these people have now been used as vessels to help me realize that it’s time to be a kinder and less judgemental person.

I want to apologize to the world (so dramatic, I know. Still a fixed water sign here) for my ego and judgments.


I have been so judgemental and egotistical in the past.

No need for shame, just need to take ownership of my past mindset and energy I put out.

Even if whether whatever I said, did, or believed was offensive or not, I know that there was a kinder way to be and I didn’t take that route.

I truly will work on not being what I see in these people…

Judgmental, Hateful, Ego Driven, Un-kind, etc..

I will focus on embodying love, kindness, understanding, and completely minding my business.





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