Don’t Let It Break You, Let It Make You.

It’s occurred to me that it has been quite some time since I last posted. I can’t put my finger on whether I’ve lost passion for blogging and writing or I just prefer video and image content on the gram and have no more left to give for my blog. 

Either way, tonight I said, ” I always have more to give”. I mean this site 5 years ago was a means for me to share my most intimate and personal thoughts and experiences whereas Instagram is my business and personality. 


What sparked this post was the journal entry that I made a year ago today. If you don’t know, I have been journal almost every day for the past 4 years as a means to reflect on my life and personal growth. 

What I read tonight reminded me of how much emotional and mental turmoil I was going through within a short period of time. 

Last years event was so personal, that I kept what I was going through from my family. I figured it was best to go through my own dealings alone, not alarm anyone, and just end and mend it as if it never occurred. 

I today am still healing and even having re-occurring dreams about what I went through silently, however, I am really proud of myself for being able to handle so much by myself, and come out clean and open a year later. 

I at any point of what I was going through could have made the decision to become a savage. I had every right to want to close myself off to others and empower myself to be distrusting and cruel but I didn’t. 


I know that without my belief system, my passion for success, and faith in my legacy, I would not have been able to endure what I endured and make it out with my pure spirit intact.

It goes to show that you must really at this moment comes to grips with believing in something because, without that foundation, you will fall for anything when the occasion arises (and they always arise). 

When you fall for anything, you allow whatever may come along with the fall to further damage you. My core beliefs and aspirations are what kept further damage from happening. I fell, but I did not break. 


I want to thank myself so much for getting myself through it all and I want to encourage who is ever reading this to solidify their core beliefs and commit to never allowing experiences in life to break them, but only make them a better version of themselves. 

Thanks for reading this, I’ll blog soon ❤ 

– Kaylen 

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