Want To Invest In Your Education Without Paying For College?

Hey there,

So I wanted to really quickly run these different ways I invest in my knowledge to those who might not be in school right now but still want to learn about their field of work so that you can advance as either an entrepreneur, business owner, or independent contractor.

I just recently invested in my future by paying for a $500 course that would teach me how to negotiate higher paid deals with brands.

That investment not only personally impacted me, but it also allowed me to add more information to my own online course Get Paid To Influence 2.0 which would add more value to my brand altogether.

The action of investing in the course, made me realize that I could still gain an education without enrolling back into college. I figure if I could invest $500 a year or each quarter, I would essentially be funding my own education by personally seeking the type of knowledge I wanted to gain versus over paying an institution and ending up in debt.

Another great way to invest in your education is by signing up for free webinars and workshops that are related to your niche.

There are thousands of free webinars that are being advertised on social media each day. I always at least learn 1-2 key things about my line of work when I sign up for free webinars. It’s a small build up, but it adds up.

If you happen to see that someone is teaching a free workshop in your area and it’s related to your career path, sign up and show up! That’s an awesome way to gain in-person knowledge and even network.

I also love surfing YouTube to gain great knowledge. I always tell people that YouTube is a free University where millions of entrepreneurs and business owners are learning from.

I just recently learned how to grow my email list by 300% thanks to someone uploading a video with free information. Create a schedule of how many hours a week you will invest in watching tutorials, documentaries, and interviews on YouTube.

My last and latest way of gaining knowledge is Podcast! Don’t sleep on the Podcast! I just listened to a great influencer podcast that taught me how much I should be charging brands for the rights to my images. I was so mindblown that I learned that in a free podcast.

You never know what people are willing to share for free in your niche so making the mistake by being to cool for school, literally, could cost you missing out on the key thing you needed to know to advance and become successful.

I hope that you guys take these tips and run with it. Make it a yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily task to invest in your education.

Thanks for reading ❤


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