Manifest Your 2019 With A Vision Board

It is almost the New Year and you know that means it is time to clear on what we’d like to become and manifest for another 12months of living on this planet. 

This time of the year can be either stressful and filled with anxiety because you don’t know what to expect in the future or it can be exciting and filled with intention and clarity. 

Most people tend to just mentally and verbally state what they plan on changing for the new year and well, we all know most of those people don’t commit or even remember what they claimed they would change. 

The great thing about vision boards are, they not only remind you of what you wish to change, manifest, or become, they hold you accountable. Most vision boards are filled with photos of things people desire.

My vision boards however are filled with words, affirmations, list of goals, and phrases that help me mentally, emotionally, and spiritually stay aligned with what I want to become and manifest. 

This version of a vision board works as an accountability partner that just so happens to live in my room and post up on the nearest wall closest to my bed so I have no choice but to look at it as soon as I wake up and when I go to sleep.

The constant reminder and choice to sit with my vision board and meditate or read over it for 20 min a day has always allowed me to manifest exactly what is on the board. 

Imagine if you had a vision board like mine that helped you manifest all your desires? Would you create it right away? Well, I encourage you to make one this holiday weekend.

Start with a rough draft on a piece of paper and list all your goals, quotes that keep you motivated or ring truth, a list of characteristics you want to embody in order to be successful, a list of affirmations, financial goals, etc. 

Your board is your board so there isn’t a wrong way to do it, just make sure that you are going into depth and not leaving anything out. 

I hope this holiday and New Year brings you joy, health, and all your desires. 



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