Your Purpose Is Not In Vain

Hey Y’all, 

I am seven days away from my 25th birthday and I have been doing some self-reflecting because I told myself that if I weren’t financially free and famous by the age of 16, I was doomed. 

Well, I am nine years late on that really critical expectation I had for myself and I have yet to fully and truly gain those two things that I always felt I was destined to have. 

In society, we are told that by certain ages we have to have certain things or it just won’t ever happen for us. It sucks to say but twenty-five kind of sounds old when it comes to wanting instant success in the entertainment and public figure/celebrity world. 

But on the flip side, twenty-five sounds like a young kid who is still getting their feet wet in whatever it is they are pursuing. Either way, I have to choose which perspective I plan to have.

That then lead me to declare that regardless of where I fall in this right on time or too late spectrum, I refuse to believe that everything I am doing is in vain. I refuse to believe that I would come this far to finally have platforms, press, and accolades in this industry just to fail. 

I refuse to believe that I would be influencing for three years and make a living doing so just for it to abruptly stop. I just refuse, and maybe that is too strong of a word and adds to resistance but I refuse. 

It just wouldn’t make any sense. I haven’t come this far just to fail and neither have you. Whatever it is that you have been working towards for however long is not in vain. You can be working towards something for four years and that fifth year could be your year. 

Everything you are experiencing and all the hard work you put in is not in vain. You are doing what you are supposed to be doing, and you are where you need to be. Don’t let any mishaps, society limitations, or any of your fears to break you mentally and stop you from moving forward. 

I am learning patience, faith, and tenacity in all that I do and I hope that you do too. 

I love you guys, 



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