Why You Should Be Next To Invest In Learning How To Get Paid To Influence

Nobody likes FOMO.

For those who don’t know what that is, that is the fear of missing out. It also really sucks when your friends have learned how to make extra money each week and you’re still struggling to figure out how you can pay your phone bill and still hit happy hour tomorrow.

The feeling of being left behind or not being able to get ahead is sucky. I use to be that person watching others live their best lives online making money and trying to figure out how I was going to move off my parent’s couch after going broke post-college days.

That doesn’t have to be you any more or at all. This is the way I see it..

Since we all have witnessed everyday people become internet sensations and coin the term ‘Influencer’ we can all say that it’s possible to make a lucrative career off the internet. With that observation, why wouldn’t you want to join those people? The same thing you are doing on social media for free is the same thing they’re doing for a fee.

That is essentially why you should be next to invest in learning how to get paid to influence.

You could be getting paid to do what you are already doing for free but what you’re lacking are the resources and knowledge. I know what you are thinking, you are also lacking millions of followers. Well, what if I told you that accounts with less than 50k followers are getting paid to post? Ever heard of a Micro Influencer? You probably haven’t, but that is the type of knowledge you are lacking.

It’s time to invest in yourself! No more time delaying your good.

Within my online course, you will be taught how to think and act as your own management team and gain access to resources you need to succeed as an Influencer. It might sound intimidating but it is a quick 40-minute course that informs you that the influencer market is now being run by accounts with less than 100k followers, so that means you have a bigger chance of succeeding.

You will gain, learn, and access the following:


  • Financial Freedom
  • Free Product From Brands
  • Social Popularity
  • Knowledge & Resources
  • Relationships With Your Favorite Brands



  • How To Influence
  • What An Micro Influencer Is
  • How To Get Paid By Brands
  • How To Manage Yourself
  • How To Gain Followers
  • How To Send Professional Emails



  • List of Influencer Agencies
  • List of Editing Apps
  • Email Templates
  • Rate Card Template

In this course I touch on some of the following: 

  • How to send professional collab emails
  • Instagram Algorithm + Myths
  • List of Influencer agencies & apps
  • How your page and bio should look
  • How to appeal to brands and sponsors
  • How to monetize platforms
  • What being an Influencer really is about

+ so much more 

Like I said, no one likes to miss out so don’t let that be you. Enroll now and create a future that is worth living!

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