Don’t Delay: Apply The Knowledge

We are finally stepping into a whole new season and before we fully do I want to share with you how my August went and why this blog post is titled “Apply The Knowledge”. 

So if you’ve been paying attention to my tweets, vlogs, and even IG stories you would know that I’ve been taking out personal time to teach myself about finances, business, and overall just how to become a better steward of my money. 

I started out with reading one book a few months ago called “The Richest Man In Babylon” which taught me that for every paycheck you should be taking 30% of it and paying yourself before you pay anyone else. 

That book was a bit challenging for me because I know how much my expenses are each month and saving 30% just sounded a bit out of reach. However, with my initial resistance, I realized that meant that I needed to start budgeting and tracking my revenue and expenses to start seeing where my money truly was going and how I could begin saving 30% every time I received money. 

This was the very first start of my journey to getting fully in control of my finances so I can manifest a greater financial future for myself. The next resource of knowledge was “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. I learned a lot about passive income in this book and it sparked my interest in figuring out how I could create more than one passive income for myself today. 

At the time I only had YouTube. I knew I could create another one I just needed it to relate to my age and current financial situation. A lot of the times, information on passive income are directed at those who can afford real estate and expensive stock and bonds. I knew that wasn’t me and it would take some thought. 

The third source of knowledge came from the book “Broke Millennial”. In this book, I gained insight into the many ways to budget. While growing up I was taught to believe that only the broke or poor budgeted their money, and if you truly wanted wealth you shouldn’t budget for it would send the wrong message to the Universe. I can sort of still justify that belief but I am here today to prove to myself that it does just the opposite. 

With these three books, I was able to learn three important things that I could combine together and apply. 

  • Pay Yourself First (30%)
  • Create Passive Incomes
  • Create A Budget 

These three important tips have changed my financial situation today, and it’s not because I read about them. I have seen results because I applied them to my life. Applying knowledge is the only way you will ever see change and get results.

Like other times in the past, I easily could have just read the information, raved about it, shared it on Twitter, and never applied it. Which would have meant that once more I would have missed out on the opportunity for change and progress. 

I encourage you guys to start applying the knowledge you gain. What good is the knowledge if you don’t apply it. Don’t delay your good and growth anymore. 

Thanks for reading! Please be sure to stay updated on all my tips, advice, and progress by following me on Instagram , Twitter , and Youtube . 



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