Hey babes! 

It has been long overdue for an update on where I am in my life! I apologize for the delay with adding to my blog site content. No excuses! Just here now, so let’s chat. 

I’m currently sitting here listening to Ella Mai, with my big hoops earrings on, braids in a pony, baby hairs laid with a blue bandana with a touch of highlight and mascara! I am feeling so on top of the world and empowered by all that is transpiring in my life. 

My enthusiastic energy came from an amazing IG live I watched. My ATL mama aka Mentor, formally known as Sabrina Peterson, @glamuniversity spoke a ‘word’ into my spirit! She has always come in at clutch moments where the Universe needed me to pick up what she was capable of putting down. Her drive and independent hustle has always inspired me and over the course of 12months, she has been my closest in the flesh/online example of what a Girl Boss is. 

Sometimes we have ideas and online examples but we don’t know them personally so it doesn’t fully fuel us. Not in this case. Sabrina fuels me. Enough today to realize that I have some sharing to do with you guys on the site. So here I am. tenor.gif

Okay, enough about where my energy is being sourced from today lets quickly chat about where my mental state is. Since March, I was aware that I was going through a rebirth. I was aware of why I was releasing people from my life and why new people were entering my life. 

Today, not only have I been releasing people and the patterns that attracted them. I’ve also healed from a lot of toxic and negative past relationships. I think due to that healing my spirit and brain were able to come together and go “I think she is ready for a new level, ready to start the process together?” My spirit and brain joined forces, honey! tenor-1.gif

I have been thinking and focusing on all the knowledge I have but haven’t fully applied. It gets easier and easier to think about ALL the best case scenarios. It feels easier to save 30% of all income that flows in. It’s easy to trust that anyone that comes into my life is only here to love, heal, and add to me. It’s easier to realize that my cup overfloweth. I can truly see myself being a healthy, financially free, independent businesswoman and finally see myself outside of the lane of entertainment and social media. 

That is amazing for me. I know it’s just words you’re reading to try to understand but imagine feeling that way about yourself and realizing that type of mental shift. I am truly powerful and capable of so much more now. The little things that once frightened me, I challenge and giggle at now. The people who once took up all my mental energy, no longer exist in my mind. All this new space I have in my brain has now been occupied by thoughts about money and business. It’s a whole new tenant in there. 

You’re probably thinking, Kaylen you’ve always been about that. Well, you are right but not at levels and percentages like this. I am literally witnessing the things that don’t matter leave my brain and get replaced with all the things that always and truly matter. There is no way I could make you feel me through words. You’d just have to experience it to understand this new place of passion, confidence, and motivation.tenor-2.gif

So, with that being said and time slipping by, you now can kinda get an idea of where my head is right now. All other things are great in my life. I am happy, single, healthy, and blessed.

I encourage you guys to pay attention to my posts on all other social platforms. Turn on post notifications to be aware of when I post and when I go live to share wisdom. Also be sure to subscribe and tune into my YouTube videos for I am back in the game and cranking more consistent videos. It’s time to get those views back UP! 😉 

Anyways, thanks for taking time out to read. I’ll be checking back in and figuring out ways on how I can make this site more exciting and bring weekly content to you guys! 

Much love, 


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