Why Hustle When You Could Align? 

Hey loves,

Let’s talk about this. Where does this term hustle come from?I’m not going to research it, maybe you will.

When I think of anyone who hustles, I think of someone who is in a desperate need to make some money. I never envision wealthy people. I envision either a young or old individual who is in need of resources.

Now with that being said, if you agree, why do we (I say we cause I also once identified with hustling) take any pride in choosing to take part in something that screams lack?

If you want to be successful and experience financial freedom, then why would you continue to think and act in such a way that represents lack?


If you want to be in a constant position of living out success and being wealthy, identifying as a hustler is NOT the route you want to take.


Well, when you apply it to Law of Attraction, you would realize that like attracts like.

So if we are now aware that hustling is a state of mind and an action that is derived from the mindset of “I need more” “I don’t have enough” then the Universe can only give you what your offering.

Which is Lack.

You will receive money or some sort of success but not enough or then find yourself presented with a situation that requires you to hustle some more.

So even when you are hustling and getting money, it won’t ever amount to the security or success you are seeking.The universe is going to throw you only as much as hustling can offer.

Have you EVER experienced a longevity of success and money when your in the hustling mindset? Be real. Keep it more than 8 + 92 with yourself. Think about it.


Have you ever truly became so successful from claiming to hustle that you never went without ever again, and no misfortunes came your way?

Have you ever had to replace a hustle with a new one because the first one expired?

Does that sound like wealth to you? Does that sound like longevity to you?

That’s just you scraping by and dodging possible bullets that come along with hustling.

Don’t allow your ego to bullshit you once more with the “That’s life though, good and bad come regardless, you can’t control that.”

Bullshit. You’re in denial and you clearly are unaware of what the laws of this Universe operate off of.

[Totally just channeled my inner Gary Vee.]


Alright that was harsh. I got a little aggressive with that one. My point is, you will never be able to obtain consistent success and prosperity when you are operating from a mindset of lack.

It just doesn’t work like that. Your well being is a stream that flows from within you. There is never any need to look outward for wealth, security, and success.

All that you desire is already queued up waiting for you to align with it. In order for you to align with your desires, you have to drop limiting and lack full mindsets.


It’s time you let go of chasing money and realize you already have its endless and infinite supply within you.

All you gotta do is be aware, believe it, and let it unfold and flow right to you.  If you truly want the life you dream of, it’s time you trade in the hustle mindset in for the align mindset.RenderedImage-1

Your job is not to chase, hustle, or work hard for anything you want. Your job is to realize that the infinite power that created what you desire is inside of you, therefore you can have it no matter the circumstances, time, or place.

That money or success is already inside you. It’s screaming for you to give it attention. Recognize it. It’s yours, and it’s waiting for you to allow it to flow into your outer reality.



Kaylen Zahara

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