Being able to speak on my very first panel and be able to travel as an influencer for a music festival was all so much to take in at once! I literally have always wanted to be sponsored on a trip out of the country to enjoy a vacation, be able to influence, and network with amazing people. I may not be a Revolve girl, but it was close enough and that is what matters. I was able to effortlessly attract an experience that I have always wanted. I want to say thank you to Hilton Hotels and Soul Beach Music Festival! The trip was worth so much to me!

Not only did I get sponsored to travel, I was apart of my very first panel and speaking engagement.


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I could have cried after that panel. I thought that I wasn’t qualified to speak amongst women who have so much experience as a philanthropist but as you will see in my vlog (click here to watch) I was received so well by the audience and even the panelist. The dope thing beside it being my first panel, I was able to prove to myself that I can always join in on any topic and be able to give my perspective and state of mind. I am so used to only speaking on topics like spirituality, love, self-healing, beauty, etc and never once did I think that I’d be able to wing such an important topic and discussion.

But that is life for you, always showing you something.

I enjoyed myself in Aruba and hopefully, my trip will inspire you to get up, travel the world, and #JetSetWithPurpose I have said enough, go watch my vlog!




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