h-e-y-y, IMG_5358

Is it me or is the re-birth of mission lover girl in full effect? I have been really inspired lately with a little heartache and even watching ladies like Ariana Grande move onto a new relationship without being jaded.

I am so here for it! 

The ability to just accept what is and move on is something a lot of us don’t have a grasp on. I for a long time fought hard and resisted moving on from relationships that I had expectations of. I would completely make the break up more difficult than they needed to be and before you know it I adopted a mindset and energy that doesn’t open up easily or trust the male species. 

How draining and unfortunate when there are girls out here living their absolute best life and not giving a damn about someone who is in their past. I use to be that girl in high school to some extent but that lover girl kinda fell back and allowed the savage to step to the front. 894219c2a33b8d74b1cbdcd707924b60--kiss-illustration-art-illustrations

Being closed off is not cool. It’s depressing when you really think about it. 

So here I am, ready to embrace the lover girl in me and release any judgments society may have about it. Not everything has to have a negative stigma if you can see the positive in it. Some lover girls date one at a time but move on quickly, others date multiple at once and never commit, and then there is a lover girl like me who dates one at a time with the intent to feel as much love as possible and if he captures my heart for good, then we’re in love. If not, then I am on to the next. 

What kind of lover girl are you? If you aren’t one, have you ever admired its essence or ever wanted to be one? Comment below and also tweet me! In the meantime, I’ll be allowing myself to get to know someone and receive some love. ❤



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