Free Mentorship Experience

Hello Loves, 

This past week I was able to call five amazing young women and discuss their struggles, confusion, and adversity in many areas of life. Some were confused on what it would take for them to leave their small town and get their acting career, some wanted to know how they could overcome anxiety, and others just wanted to know what my daily routines were so they could apply it their own life and see if any progress could be made. 

Talking with these amazing young women really reminded me how much I inspire you all and how much responsibility I have in making a difference in your lives. It was truly a great experience and I have decided that I will be doing free mentorship calls every month. So with that being said, I want you guys to turn on your post notifications so you can be alerted when the next flyer goes up. 

I want to thank every last one of you for always supporting me, always seeing the best in me, and for giving me my purpose. You all have helped transform my life and I look forward to doing the same for you. 



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