How To Deal With Having Too Much On Your Plate

Hey everyone, 

So last night I somewhat had a anxiety “attack” due to the constant thoughts in my head revolved around not getting enough done before the day was over. My body was shivering, not due to being cold, and I felt like something heavy was sitting on my chest. I was so close to losing my cool. The feeling was absolutely terrible. It was like someone robbed me of my joy, drive, confidence, and then set on my chest. 

Have you felt like this before? 

I think a lot of people can relate and even say that they have dealt with anxiety, fear, procrastination, doubt, depression, and other emotions when they have so much to fulfill and no one to ever help them or delegate work to. 1a5a5a7b7d3661fa0aeaa140cd41f1aa

I typically can have friends or family help me with fun or small things like taking photos for me, however I can’t ask or expect others to help me with getting creative juices flowing, working on my personal business plans, sending and responding to business emails, etc. 

I find myself on days like yesterday, where I have a lot of personal errands/task and business task, feeling as though there was just too much on my plate and no one to delegate so I could keep my energy and spirits high. 

Well, until I can delegate work and get a team around me, I have to continue with keeping my ball rolling. So what can I do in the event I have another panic attack or even just loss my drive and positive energy? Well, I came up with a couple things and I have listed them below. 

  • BREATHE. Taking deep long breaths is known to change and increase pleasure-inducing neurochemicals in the brain to help elevate moods. Taking 2-3min of your time to stop what you are doing and inhale and exhale long and hard makes your body relax and allows you to focus on you! 
  • MAKE A LIST. Write down or list out loud what is important in that moment. Get clear on what your priorities are on your plate. You may be telling yourself that everything needs to be done now, but in reality you can afford to put things at the end of your to-do list.
  • TAKE A BREAK. It’s okay to step back and remove yourself from the table sometimes. If you are that overwhelmed, you need you more than your work needs you. Remember that your mental and emotional health is vital. Your best life depends on it so take a break and do something to lighten your mood and get you back into good spirits. 
  • MEDITATE. Envision yourself getting everything accomplished or envision yourself somewhere peaceful so you can relax if the other techniques above don’t work for you. Don’t under estimate meditation. If you are lost on how, youtube and google have all the answers for you. 
  • SELF – LOVE TALK. Remind yourself of how great you are. Talk to yourself as you would if you were talking to a scared child. Re-assure yourself that everything is going to be alright and that you are capable of anything. 

I know you may have been expecting me to post something magical but in reality it takes simple actions to get yourself into a peaceful state. Breathing helps me a lot! I then follow it up with going over my to – do list and re-prioritizing. de30c88f726c21bccb754648d45801b0

No matter what you have on your plate, you are fully capable of getting it all done. You are more than enough. You are super bad-ass for even being brave enough to wear all the caps you do. It’s all teaching you and allowing you to expand. You will be ahead of the game always. Just remember that it is important to care for yourself and stepping back from your task at hand and getting right or re-accessing things is far more valuable than losing your peace of mind or giving up. 


I will be back with more soon, thanks for taking time out to read. Please engage with me on twitter and whenever I go live on Instagram. I love to hear your commentary and to also help you sort things out! 


xoxo Kaylen

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