Crystals + How To Use Them

Okay so you are here because you either use crystals or you don’t know what they are and you’re curious, either way you are here, so let’s discuss them. bbe6b439835c7535408088895bece25a

I’m really not one to give history classes but I wanted to make it known where crystals and the collection and use of them derived. 

The ancient Sumerians used crystals in their magic formulas. I can not confirm nor deny that this is true or happened. However, they are supposed to be the first known to rock with crystals. Later the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Mexico, and China took a fancy to using crystals for their own reasons. I heard through the grapevine that the Greeks named a lot of the crystals that are used today being the names are of Greek origins. 

Now that we have that out the way let’s discuss the how & why… 


So, crystals are believed to have healing and protective powers. Their energy is connected to Sun, Moon, Ocean, Universe, and Earth energy. Each crystal has a purpose and a lot of them are for certain zodiac signs, planets, and chakras. (See image below for an example) When you have a crystal you want to use it to manifest your desires and intentions. Keeping your crystals in close proximity or on your skin allows the crystal to absorb your energy and work with your intention.7714f2f17bbbff512a5bcf9df8a4272b


Different sites and shops that sell crystals will have deeper insight on each crystal so I advise you do research on each crystal because you may learn something new. (This image example was clean and organized so that’s why I used it).

I also do advise that after reading this post you do some more research. I don’t want to be the only source of information, practice, or opinion. 

So how do you set an intention? Well, if you were to pick Amethyst (refer to image above) you would clear it’s energy by either setting it in the sun (dashboard of car, window sill, etc) and/or burning sage/palo santo. Your next step would be to set the actual intention. You want to sit in a quiet place, close your eyes, breathe deep, think of the positive thoughts and say an affirmation aloud. 


For example, “I now set the intention of this stone. I am safe and guided through life. All experiences are for me. Now that my intention is set, I bless this crystal.” You would then give gratitude and say thank you five times. Mind you, this is just my example so feel free to state your intention how you see fit and also give gratitude how you see fit.

You are probably wondering if crystals can be used for illnesses. Yes, they can. Actually there are crystals that are for specific organs. I am not a physician. Please do your own research. Crystals have some many purposes and that’s why I advise you doing research on whatever crystal you have or chose because you may learn new things and use that knowledge to you and others greater good. 


You can google ‘healing crystals’ or ‘crystals’ and google will pull up boutiques or whatever is close to you. I go to a holistic healing shop that is about an hour away from my home. They have a really great selection of crystals and in-depth explanations of what each crystals purpose is and who could benefit from it. 5fcf8363d6eb9f3482f9e5656810987f

Along with google you can get great information and charts on them via pinterest.

So, at this point I’ve typed enough. (no seriously, I dont even know what else to discuss cause I’m not the crystal guru) I just wanted to give a quick little intro to crystals in hopes that you get acquainted, purchase them, and do your own research, and ultimately use them for your own good. I do want to say this before closing my laptop… using crystals doesn’t make you spiritual. It is simply a spiritual practice. Spirituality is not an accessory. Remember that. 

Thanks for reading, hope my thoughts I managed to throw together did something for you. Don’t hesitate to tweet me any questions you may have. Also, if you aren’t following my on Twitter, please do so. I drop gems. lol ❤ 


xoxo Kaylen 

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