Life Update: Transforming


I just realized that you guys really want to know what is going on.

Now I’m freaking out.


The intro to this post is very informal but I wanted to share my present thought. I am in the mood to share however, respectfully, I have to keep some things to myself. I am a firm believer in not telling ALL your business because if you do, what business do you really have? Not to mention, people do try they best to pray against your success. Weird, right?



I can share with you what season I am in and what process I am stepping into.

I am at a transforming point in my journey. Realizing that it is time for me to discover and release limiting beliefs. This transformation will be conducive to my very own path of ultimate success and financial freedom.

I have been taking a lot of time out of these past few weeks to start discovering what I have programmed my subconscious mind to believe about money and my overall success. It’s been enjoyable, however it has brought me to awareness once more, that I still allow fear to be a recurring energy in my everyday life.

Choosing to take a break from modeling, whether it just be for new creative content or for e-commerce reasons, gives me a sense of fear. Fear that if I don’t fully focus on that aspect of my career, it will disappear and I will have to start over again with that big ass ball called momentum.

Choosing to take a break from uploading 3 new YouTube videos per week, gives me a sense of fear. Fear that I will be missing out on gaining a larger platform and never being able to regain that momentum.

Chile, I’m scared to forever lose momentum. I want to put the ball down, but something keeps telling me that I have to keep dribbling this damn ball. That thing, has been fear.

I find that to be very limiting for me. How can I achieve a mass of success when the underlying reason for doing what I do each day is out of fear.

In conclusion, that fear energy, that is responsible for keeping me with that ball in my hand and moving it in an up and down motion is gearing me towards failure because I am emitting the frequency of something that does not support faith and positive expectation. That energy behind it is screaming ” Please just let this work out, see me, pick me, cause I am tired of dribbling this damn ball.”


With this awareness, we got some changes to be made.

So, here I have been. Taking a break, not posting as much as I would like to when it comes to shoots and new YouTube content.

Allowing myself the time I need to transform myself within as I trust that with every waking day I will be supported by the Universe.

I’ve been working on some new business ideas as well as learning about money. I would love to talk more about that topic another time, but I will say, if you seek financial freedom it is important that you not only release any limiting beliefs about it, but learn about it and understand that it is an energy, just like all other things.

I have also been traveling a lot since the end of September. I am currently out-of-town, getting to know Florida a bit. Sometimes a girl just needs something different.

With the little that has been said, that is what’s going on.

Nothing extravagant but something magnificent. An internal transformation that’s taking place during my birthday season and the before the new year.

I will be sharing more as the year ends and def when we bring in the new year.

Until then,

Stay tuned in with me on social media ❤

xoxo Kaylen




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