I Learned How To Ground Myself – Earthing Mat UPDATE


You guys have been keeping up with me on Instagram and Twitter and it’s been a real life journey these past two months. I have made so many great connections and made some major moves since my last post. Now, if you remember, my last post was about my purchase and interest in this thing called an Earthing Kit. Click here to read.

I initially planned on giving you all an update two weeks after having the mat and it’s now been two months! I figured I should give it more time to really have some insight and feedback. Plus I know the way my life is set up. It take time over here. LOL.

So, I used the mat every night. I would lay it at the foot of my bed or whoever’s bed/couch I was on when traveling and allow my bare feet (no socks allowed) and ankles rest on the mat until I woke up. Not only did I use it for more than 7 hrs of sleep, I then on some days, would use the mat during the day while I would be on my laptop. (feet method)

To make this an easy to read, I created a list of things I noticed while using this mat and a list of what changed in my life (manifestations):

Things I noticed:

  • Improved Sleep
  • Vivid Dreams
  • Improved Energy
  • More optimistic attitude
  • Sense of security
  • Doubts turned into trust ( strengthened faith)
  • Boost of Confidence
  • Overall realization that my Root Chakra is open

New Manifestations:

  • Moved into the city I’ve been wanting to live in for 2 years now (why didn’t I have this mat 2 years ago lol)
  • Released distrustful and toxic relationships (literally laid them all to rest)
  • Connected with VIP
  • Made over $3k with new clients
  • Booked amazing shoots
  • Brand awareness
  • Interview/Feature w/ Galore Mag
  • Universal support and attraction of well-being at the perfect moments
  • Increase in Income
  • Many smaller personal things like improved mental health, etc…


I am happy to say that I can recall these lists and say it all occurred within two months of using the Earthing Kit. Click here to purchase your own Earthing Mat.

I have always wanted to open up my Root Chakra. Don’t Know What Chakras Are? Click Here. I tried everything from Reiki, meditation, crystals, etc. I didn’t see enough immediate and long-lasting results. I assume, since I wasn’t having Reiki performed on my every night for more than 7hrs, that’s why.

Now that I have this mat I feel confident, with everyday use, that I can keep my root chakra open and balanced. It’s like a live or die situation. The root chakra has everything to do with survival and livelihood and with all my wants and desires, I have to continue to make my root chakra a #1 priority.

I will throw out this slight disclaimer:  having the intent to grow, change, and elevate your life helps while using this mat. This was something I wanted and believed in. I also advise that you create a more healthy and positive daily routine for yourself while using this mat (Write your goals out every morning, exercise, meditate, invest in work, etc).

I hope that you click on each link that was provided in this post if you didn’t read my initial post about the Earthing Kit, don’t know what chakras are, and if you want to purchase your own kit. Please do let me know how the mat has helped you and your reasons for giving it a try!


Thanks for being here with me,

Kaylen xoxo

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