Learning To Ground Myself Through Earthing.

Hey you guys, 

It’s pretty late, super late actually. I did all that I could yesterday to get myself back on a great sleep schedule and here I am, awake at 2am and on YouTube researching something that I have been advised to do over and over but yet ignored it. 

For years I have been told by many sources that I needed to ground myself. For some reading this, you may ask yourself what is that. Well from a spiritual standpoint, I was told grounding is a way to connect with the Earths energy to cleanse your aura and chakras by planting your bare feet in grass or sand/dirt.

I originally was intrigued by it because I was told that if I grounded myself it would help open my root chakra, which has everything to do with your financial, stability, and environment reality. If your root chakra is weak or closed you experience lack in all forms such as finances, a stable home, feeling safe and one in society etc. 

I knew I was learning about grounding at that time for a reason but to be honest and get back to why you’re now reading this post… I never practiced grounding myself ritually. I let it amuse me a few times, and then dropped it like I didn’t really need it. (Oh what the ego can keep you from.)

So here we are, 23 years old, really pleased with how much growth and progress I have made in my career path but everything else in my life is UNBALANCED. Now most people whine and act lost. Well, I’m not stupid. I happen to whine sometimes but I sure as heck can’t play dumb, unfortunately.  I know good and well why things aren’t balanced.

My energy and certain blocks I haven’t removed from my aura are lingering. Starting with past trauma that I’ve buried deep down inside all the way to limited beliefs I hold on to that contradict my goals and passions in life. 

Let’s fast forward to NOW. 

So, it dawned upon me maybe 48hrs ago that the CLARITY and ANSWER I’ve been meditating on and praying for is GROUNDING MYSELF. For years, I have one way or another been advised to ground myself in order to ensure that I am stable and balanced in all areas of my life. 

From angel card readings, physic readings, therapist, over hearing others discuss grounding benefits, you name it… the sign was there all along. I guess for so long I kept convincing myself that I could balance my life without doing some “plant your feet in grass and allow yourself to be one with earth” technique. I liked the idea originally, but it didn’t have VISIBLE and IMMEDIATE results so I pulled out from making a routine and lifestyle. 

I just told myself I will figure life out another way. I’ll just keep meditating ( which opens my crown chakra), reading spiritual self-help books, stay busy and passionate with my career, blog about my journey, and things will turn out fine. LOL. 

For the most part, the action I was doing did some justice. I won’t deny that. But I’m at a point where I have to cut my own crap and ask myself, “If all that action is working, then why aren’t you where you need to be and want to be in life?” That question led me right back to realizing what I’m discussing now. 


I am now making it my duty to ground myself ALL DAY EVERY DAY and I am going to be doing with an Earthing Mat. I never heard of the term Earthing but it is the same thing as Grounding. This mat taps into the electric fields and….. okay don’t let me do the explaining, I don’t want to mislead or twist up anything so I have listed videos below for you to watch and learn about Earthing and this mat. 

I ordered my Earthing Mat Kit on Amazon just now, and I’ll be receiving TODAY.

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 2.03.24 AM

I paid that extra money for same day delivery. (That’s how you know I’m not playing. My cheap self doesn’t ever pay extra for delivery unless…I need that!) I am beyond excited because at 23 I am just so over not having my life balanced. I don’t want to enter my 30’s trying to get it right when I have all the knowledge and resources in my 20’s. 

I will be back with another follow-up post to give you guys my results and experience. I will give it two weeks. So in the meantime, watch the videos below, research yourself, and if you believe in this mats energy healing powers, join me! 




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