“One Thing I Never Think About Is Quitting.”

I know it has been awhile since I last posted a typed up post that didn’t come with a YouTube video. It’s been really cool and fun for me to grow my Youtube platform and get a consistent flow that I completely neglected my audience that loves to read my blog post about spiritual and growth processes. 

I didn’t mean to forget about you. I simply just got caught in the momentum of proving to myself that I could do something on another social site. I will say, even though I haven’t had a post like this in a while, it has been nice to step away for a bit. Sometimes distance can make the heart grow founder. 

I wanted to type to you guys about what’s been going on with me as far as my drive and passion. I’ve been really focused on continuing to build my own brand and pushing myself to new lengths. It can get a bit overwhelming and a feeling of being unsure as to how things will pan out for me. 

I do not have a nine to five besides the fact when I open my eyes I have to work until I close my eyes. Taking photos for the gram, filming for YouTube, and even posting for sponsored posts take a lot of time and effort however it’s not the traditional secure job that most rely on. 

I can freak out sometimes, want to just turn off all electronic devices, and even not care, but one thing I never think about is quitting. You may be wondering how is that because if it were you without a secure job you’d be ready to give up and go the traditional route. 

Well, there are a couple of things that keep me going. They all actually give me the drive, passion, and belief I need.

Things like staying connected with people who inspire me online is such a great way for me to stay driven. Watching great things happen for others only lets me know that things can happen for me too. 

The mindset of “what if it works?” is another thing that helps. When I get a new idea like being consistent on YouTube and building a profitable platform, I think about what if it works and how great it would help me in my life. 

Even watching my effort bring forth success whether I deem it big or small is enough to believe that anything is possible. It’s literally the little things that keep me from giving up and it’s honestly a great blessing to perceive things the way that I do. 

I never expect a day to come forth where I give up and let go of the dream to be absolutely amazing slip away. I will continue to put content out and push myself to new heights. I will continue to be inspired and inspire. I hope after reading this you feel you have the strength to not give up and keep going. 



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