5 Benefits of Keeping a Journal


Even though I choose to type about my personal life. I too, still love to journal. I have always had a passion for expressing myself with words. Spoken and written. Being articulate is something that came natural so my love for writing wasn’t a surprise. 

Stationary has always been my go to aisle in stores like Target. That kid in a candy store feeling always washed over me and picking out the prettiest journal and purchasing it was like the best investment in the world. 

By the time I was 20 years old I had a large collection of journals from all different publishers. The love for jotting down my authentic feelings and thoughts to reflect on in a unique journal really made me happy and whole. 

At 23, and after being on television I had the great idea of investing in creating my own eco-friendly on the go limited edition journal to sell to those who are just like me and even to those who may not know the amazing feeling and benefits of journaling. 

Jotting down my feelings after an argument, a great event that has made me grateful, and even just writing when I feel I am alone has always been therapeutic and here are 5 top benefits journaling has given me: 

  1. You are free to be you. Writing down the events in your life and how you feel about them is a great way to practice being authentic. Here you don’t have to give the answers that are expected. You can keep it all the way real. 
  2. Time of reflection. Jotting down how you feel or describing an event can allow you to go back and read over your words and reflect on what occurred. Sometime we need words to reveal what is real. 
  3. Recognize your heart. Journaling can help you realize what the heart wants. We sometimes aren’t always aware of what it is we really desire until we can see the words that flow onto paper from within. 
  4. Manifest your dreams. Writing down your goals and desires is the most powerful way to manifest them. 
  5. Boost your self-esteem. Writing down affirmations like “I am Amazing” is a great way to lift your energy and re-program your subconscious. 

I am sure there are millions of others reasons journaling is beneficial. These 5 just so happen to be my top reasons. 

What are some beneficial reasons as to why you love to journal? Tweet me at @amazedbykay & share your benefits & don’t forget to SHOP with AmazedByKay Design & get your Limited Edition Journal before they are gone! 



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