Feels Right


Have you ever gone from being on a high to hitting a very low, and then randomly hit another high that feels different from the last high? 

Lately, I’ve been on this non-stop grind I guess you could call it. The word grind is so cliché. But, lately I have really been assessing the amount of opportunities and experiences I can have if I just ensure that my 9-5 is consisted of me always being on the grind. 

I have noticed in the past few weeks that my energy levels have been fluctuating from not motivated at all to completely motivated. I have noticed in the past couple weeks of my motivation being high, I have attracted and brought forth opportunities that weren’t accessible when I was in a rut feeling unmotivated. 

It got me thinking. What’s been working for me? What did I do that made me switch from unmotivated to being motivated and confident in my process? I don’t really know. Maybe it’s the combination of waking up early and going to bed with my aromatherapy oils.

Maybe it’s the Mane Choice vitamins I’ve been taking consistently. It could be a number of things but something tells me It could be the result of me finally letting go of people who did not value me. 

I just recently made a cut. I know, sounds like me. Not hard to believe but I seriously let go of people, maybe one or two, in particular that I did/thought I loved and cared about. I never really got rid of them when each relationship showed signs of trouble. I held on to them because I was fearful of not meeting someone better or someone else catching them how I wanted to. 

When keeping it real don’t get any realer….

I mean, authentic, straight from the heart post…

Anyways, I finally got the courage to just let go. No more fussing, no more back and forth, no more phone conversations with my inner circle about them, just completely let go. Absolute surrender to the bull—-. What I realize right now is, this kind of let go wasn’t the usual let go.

I didn’t do it out of spite, even though a heated argument had to have sparked the letting go process, I did it because I knew deep down inside it was right. No attachment to what I would gain from letting go. I just let go because I knew it was the right thing to do. I felt it. 

I would bet my last dollar on this choice of relieving myself of people who did not benefit my mind & spirit is the reason my energy levels shifted. I am free. Doing what’s right and not focused on the result or outcome of it. Just embracing what I have now which is myself. I haven’t felt or let go like this before.

No attachment or point to prove. Just really being with myself, being in the present moment and regrouping back to basics of what got me to where I am today. It feels refreshing but in a natural way to where you wouldn’t even notice it unless you paid attention to all that is going on around you. 

I really like this feeling. It may strike my ego as being all alone, but it strikes my spirit as focus and vision. I guess that’s why letting go finally felt so right. It takes courage to sign up for change. It takes even more courage to let go of what is familiar but the feeling and space of clarity it brings when its right is priceless. 

I don’t know who else my make the cut, or when the next cut will be…. just kidding….(y’all know I’m not kidding) but, I will say I continue to realize with each release of what doesn’t benefit me, that realizing and honoring your worth will get you further than any discount or shortcut because it teaches you along the way. 

For those who made it this far, thanks for reading. You guys are the ones I do this for. If you are anything like me and can relate or want to get to where I am describing right now… just don’t give up while you are in that weird annoying space of lack of motivation. 

Maybe your lack of motivation is trying to tell you something. Give your self the opportunity to process what is going on, receive the feedback, and execute how you can little by little get back on track. 

Don’t take no mess, hold your own. But also remember not to make a mess while your at it to. I know personally how to make a mess while not taking no mess. ‘Issa’ balance. LOL 



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