Sorry Not Sorry 2017

It is finally 2017 and I am ready to challenge myself! I’ve had a whole lot of thinking to do these past few weeks and it all boils down to this thought…..

Do all the people I admire that are living the life I want to live, who advice in interviews, “you need to be selfish in order to succeed” mean let go of people who don’t benefit you? 

Apart of me is screaming, “YES! They mean that!” They literally mean you must take that leap of faith and release everyone who is holding you back from being the best version of yourself. Took me forever for that bell to ring. Sheesh! 
Now that I have had such a successful year full of self reflection and manifestation, I want to ensure that this New Year is even better. In 2016, I knew I needed to let certain people go, but instead made the habit of letting go of people only temporarily. Allowing some time to go by before a form of relationship was rekindled. Friend, lover, etc. 
Nah. Not anymore. There is something within me that is telling me that my future and happiness depends on me, choosing me. I can’t keep choosing others just so they can have me. Settling for association with people who aren’t truly beneficial to me has come to and end. 
Sorry not sorry.
So many of us continue to deal with people because we think that maybe someday down the line they may benefit us. Whether it be love, success, materials, etc… the cold part about it is, if they were capable of benefiting us how we want them to, it would already be happening. We make the “they might benefit me later” as the excuse to not let go.
So this year, I challenge you to choose your worth over these people. Take the initiative to finally be done with those dead and exhausting relationships that you keep dealing with. Set an intention that by you letting go of these people, you are opening yourself up to new beneficial relationships in all forms with new people. 
IT’S 2017! Be excited! Expect and intend greatness! New friends, New colleagues, New lovers, New clients, New Everything is wanted! So make room for it. Have faith and don’t look back! 
xoxo Kaylen 

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