How To Help Give Yourself Credit, Evaluate Your Growth, and Celebrate Your Success at the End of The Year!

It is the end of the year and new ideas and desires are arising. Which means old ideas and old desires are frequently being revisited. The thought of the goals you said you were going to make at end of the year are now constantly in your head. The question of whether or not you have grown and taken enough action within the year is being shouted. I know how you feel. Instead of running from it this time, I have an easy technique that will allow you to give yourself credit, measure your growth, and also learn to celebrate your success.

It’s going to take some thought, a pen, and journal. That is all. Let us begin before we give ourselves another excuse to run! What has helped me is listing all of my accomplishments I have made over the past 12 months. That’s the technique! Listing your accomplishments so you can see all you’ve done and trigger yourself to celebrate. So, take your pen, and list anything you have done over the past 12 months that have added to your life.


It might be, you finally went to church, or submitting your resume to that company you figure won’t hire you either way. List all the things that took courage, love, change, inconvenience, and even some commitment. Something small like going to a concert you always dreamed of going to can be an accomplishment. Whatever comes to mind, list it.

Doing this helped me boost my self-esteem and add to my faith in my ability to make things happen. I use to have trouble doing this yearly ritual. I couldn’t see the benefit in my very own micro steps. So what was there to list if my macro goals weren’t accomplished. My mindset was keeping me from celebrating myself, and ultimately seeing my own growth.

My macro goals at that time were always so grand that every year if I didn’t accomplish those goals, such as becoming a billionaire, I would feel as though I did nothing the whole year. “I clearly must have been wasting my time if my life in 12 months didn’t go from budget to billionaire”. That was my mindset. A glass half empty versus glass half full mindset.

I couldn’t give myself any kind of credit because I wasn’t aware of the benefit that those micro steps had. My mindset wasn’t serving me, and it showed with my inability to see the small accomplishments I made. womens-half-full-wine-glass-long-sleeve-crusher-vee_46201_2_lg

The very day I realized that I wasn’t giving myself credit for all the small things I had done, is the day I began that list of micro steps that were indeed accomplishments. I started with the things I knew I didn’t want to do, but did anyway.

For example, I had listed me ending a relationship that was toxic. I didn’t want to walk away from that person but I did anyway because my future deserved a chance. That very thing was an amazing lesson, and large addition to me learning my worth. So why wouldn’t I give myself credit for that?

Before I knew it, I had several other small overlooked accomplishments I had made over the year. I had at least 15 overlooked accomplishments that I once wasn’t celebrating and giving myself credit for. Each accomplishment that I wrote down made me feel joy and recognize how much action I actually did take. Change had indeed taken place.

It felt amazing once I was done with that list, to see how much I could celebrate about. I may not have made myself into an overnight billionaire but I sure did prove to myself that I was aware of my worth and future. Each micro step is what will lead me to my macro goal.

I learned after that moment, that I have to give myself credit for everything I do. I also learned that I must celebrate myself like I would want others to celebrate me. This very lesson, was another accomplishment I wrote down on that list. Being able to realize that my current mindset was holding me back from celebrating me, was a micro step but actually a macro goal itself because I gained a more beneficial mindset.

In this very technique, you’re not only just giving yourself credit and evaluating your growth, you are realizing a new way of being and thinking. This technique will help you see each micro step as another thing to celebrate because that step will get you to the result of your macro goal. A little progress each day adds up to big results. I hope that you can choose to benefit from this technique of mine. Everything we do is a choice. You have to be ready for growth. So if you don’t actually do this technique today, I do ask that you remember it for when you are ready.

For those who are ready now, maybe you can make the decision to start evaluating your growth by listing your accomplishments daily, weekly, and monthly. Everyone is different. The speed or process is yours to experiment with.

Thank you for reading,

You deserve it.

xoxo Kaylen ❤

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