Seek what is truly golden, not gold-plated.

I know you guys hear and see me joke around about how we need to do better and get on Kylie level so we can have a boyfriend that buys us a Massi, or Lambo. I know you guys have heard me say that if a guy doesn’t invest in you, he isn’t worth your time. I do mean all of that, but I realized that I never really explained where that comes from and what comes first before that stuff. I have been assuming that you guys are in my brain and understand my thought process. Some of you do, but for those who don’t let me explain to you. Best I can …..

I prefer to be with a guy who has a successful present and a bright future. I enjoy being taken on amazing and unforgettable dates. I love being treated like a spoiled brat. I love it all. However, I have never found myself to ever stick around or settle for a guy because he is capable of giving me all that. Why? Well, I prefer a guy to give me his soul before any material object. I have to know and feel depth in order to stick around or feel a man is worth sticking it out with. If a man can’t give me his pure, loving, and unique soul before a gift, everything he has and anything he can obtain is invalid to me. Literally, as if, it doesn’t exist. Because at the end of it all, the gag is… (Keke Palmer voice) receiving him spiritually before anything. 

So when you see me joke and tweet/snap about materials and financial support or being spoiled, please now know that what I just shared with you is the first step that has to be honored. You are far more worthy than any material or money that can be presented before you or given. Seek what is truly golden, not gold-plated. 

I love you, 


2 Replies to “Seek what is truly golden, not gold-plated.”

  1. Dear Kaylen,
    The first time I saw you was when you were on MTVs “Are You the One”. Then when that ended,I decided to follow you on snap and that’s when I figured out that you model. I am 16 and I’m trying to get into modeling myself and I just want some tips on how and where to start. Maybe end just some advice on your life now. Please write me back. Sincerely~ Shannyn

    1. Hi Shannyn,
      Thank you for supporting and reaching out. My best advice for you if you would like to model is to sign up on and find local photographers to capture photos for you for free. It’s called a Trade shoot. From there post on Model Mayhem and apply for castings. Once you build a resume and have a great portfolio, you can feel super confident to reach out to a modeling agency. But nonetheless, you can create your own blueprint to succeed in modeling, not only one way to do it. Wish all the best! ❤

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