My Letter To You – Election Moral Support

I am typing to my supporters and those who stay in tune with me. Last nights election was very emotional and shocking to me. I was very confident in this country showing that we are better than what has been shown over the past decades. When I say I was confident, I have told every person who asked, “Clinton will win, nobody wants to see a racist or divided country at the end of the day”. I mean, I knew it in my soul that our country would come together and be a team by picking the lesser of the evils that was nominated since a particular group of people didn’t allow us all to have someone like Bernie Sanders. 

Last night I finally understood for the first time, what it is like to fear your government, neighbors, community, associates, co workers, colleagues, and friends. I finally understood what it felt like for all ancestors to realize that at some point you will have to protect and defend your very life because particular groups would much rather take it than know you have one. 

I felt anger for every person who didn’t feel or comprehend what I was feeling and recognizing last night. That white privilege and ignorance is real and last night it’s very existence had me hot. I’ve never been so tested in everything I practice and believe in until last night. I understood how easy it is to be controlled by anger and hate more than ever! We all know, I’ve shown my moments of giving into anger…. but what I felt last night was something beyond any past moment of anger I’ve ever expressed. 

My anger felt like a life commitment. It had the wildest and most revengeful ideas cross my mind. I am human, so that’s natural. I am just surprised that something like this election and being shown how much people would rather hate you could make me steer from feeling love or even want to promote it. That was last nights election for me. 

So to anyone who felt like I did, I want to tell you that it’s okay. In this life, we are here to witness contrast so that we can make decisions that will give us exactly what we want. We have to have this overwhelming contrast in order to learn and grow. I don’t like to say “things happen for a reason” with a tone of “we aren’t in control of our destinies” but …. I am starting to feel as though certain things must happen in order for us as whole, as one, to learn from. 

I think there is something we are missing as humans and whether it’s humanity or whatever key element is out there, we have elections and certain people in this world to help us as a whole learn valuable lessons. So, after waking up late due to hoping my slumber would take away my anger, I have decided to just stick to what I know is right for me. That very thing is Love. I am going to continue to practice love as best as I can every day like I have been. I am going to continue to choose to see and find love in all things. 

I will not promise myself or anyone that I wont have moments of anger or frustration after tonight but I will promise that when I stumble I will get back up again and begin again. 

I hope that with my letter to you, just by sharing what I experienced, this can help you recognize, remind and/or realize what you need to in order to keep moving forward as of now for your own highest good. We all have great lives to create and amazing contribution to give to this world so let’s not quit now. 

xoxo Kaylen Zahara

2 Replies to “My Letter To You – Election Moral Support”

  1. I lived through 9-11, and this shock and pain was equivalent to that day. You are not alone, more than half our country is with you! We won in the popular vote for whatever that means. Love always trumps hate, take solice in knowing that. Hugs. I’m with you!

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