Vision Board

Hey babes,

So yes it has been a quite a bit of time since I have typed to you, but I promise I have been thinking of you. 

Lately, as usual, I have been busy with work projects and traveling. From Miami to Arizona, I have been on the go non stop. 

I had a great time in Miami and Arizona this past month. Got to meet new faces and spend time with familiar faces. Not to mention, I just got done moving into a new location in California while I work out the kinks in my transition to my desired location. 

So with traveling and moving, I have been a bit unmotivated to get online. But no more. Today I am sharing and it’s about Vision boards and being intentional. 

This past week I have seen so many people doing vision boards and it made me feel like I am over due for a new vision board. That over due feeling made me question whether or not I have been clear on my intentions and goals. 

So here I am, about to share with you my digital vision board and I hope you guys really enjoy and get motivated to create your own, but more importantly get clear on what your intentions are. 



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