Sunday Vibes

Hey you guys,

It’s Sunday am it’s an amazing one for me. I haven’t gone anywhere, but I woke up feeling on top of the world. Last night I made sure to feed my brain with some binaural beats. The beats were specifically for the activation of the Third Eye. 

I was having some really off the wall, can’t seem to explain dream, but I woke up with a sense of complete ease and peace. I feel like the beats and all the water I drank right before bed helped me feel the way I do.

I initially got up and checked out all my social media feeds, then I took to my email where I realized my banker needed to speak with me about some breach that affected my debit card and account. 

After handling that minor thing, I got in the shower, had breakfast, then got lifted while listening to my favorite teacher entity, Abraham Hicks. I shared that audio with you guys on Twitter but I’ll be sure to add to this post. 

After listening to Ab, I felt motivated to read a new e-book I downloaded. The book is called ” 21 Days To Master Success & Inner Peace” by the late Dr. Wayne Dyer. The book so far is really motivating and a great reminder of what it is I already know. I love books like these because they always hold me accountable. 

It’s nothing like having a non living thing, keep you accountable when you are all alone. I live for moments like that. A constant reminder of what’s needed for me to grow and expand. 

Today could have been a fearful day, or a in-denial day, but no, it’s been an amazing self care day. I could have found anything to complain about today, but I didn’t. I could have tapped into full fledge ego today, but I didn’t. 

I am grateful for days and moments like these. I want nothing more but to live in this feeling. True contentment, joy, and peace. 

Right now, I am drinking a protein shake out of a coffee mug, working on my book, and listening to Alessia Cara. I am so in love with her Know-It-All album. Her vibe and lyrics just get me going. 

I see a lot going on, on social media and I am just grateful that I am not apart of it. I could be, but I am not. Feels good to be in control and focused on myself. This is the ultimate goal. Self control, and staying focused on what matters to me. 

I hope you guys have had an amazing Sunday so far, and I want to leave you guys one of Alessia Cara’s songs called “Scars to Your Beautiful”. I dedicate it to you beauties that might need to know that everything is going to alright and you are enough. 

Also, I have attached the link to the Abraham Hicks audio I listened to this morning for those who didn’t catch it on twitter. 

I love you guys, make an effort to grow and expand today. Every present moment is the moment to add to yourself in a beneficial way. 

xoxo Kaylen Zahara


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