Food For The Brain

Hi loves, 

I have gotten some really good feedback on my Chakra posts and a lot of you are asking me what binaural beats I recommend. Well before I direct you right on over to the ones I enjoy, I want to make sure I give you a quick run down on what binaural beats are and what they are intended for. 

So what are Binaural beats? According to OmHarmonics, binaural beats are a brainwave entrainment technology designed to put your brain into the same activity state as when you are meditating using traditional methods. Binaural beats are a tool for spiritual practice, personal growth, and even relaxation. 

Binaural beats are intended to be listened to with earphones. However, I always let them play on my laptop without earphones. I am not fond of being in my home with ear buds in my ears. (To each their own) The amount of time you want to give yourself is 15-30 minutes to experience the effect of binaural beats. 

I have attached below a few binaural beats that I enjoy. Some range from 1 hour to 9 hours. The shorter lengths, I use in the middle of my days. The longer lengths, I use while I am sleeping. I do want to add, that driving or doing anything that is mentally demanding isn’t the time to listen to binaural beats. 

Some of you might be wondering how binaural beats have helped me. Well, I will first start off by saying that after the first time of using binaural beats my dreams were on another playing field. Before knowing of binaural beats , I had a history of dreaming about crazy things. I mean crazy things. I had no clue that my dreams were in direct reflection of what my subconscious and energy was carrying.

So after using binaural beats, I realized my dreams were much more pleasant. Which concluded that the beats were helping shift my subconscious. Not only was my subconscious shifting, my moods were extremely pleasant when waking up from listening to the 9 hour binaural sessions. I could start my day with immediate positive thoughts, and I hade a “no worries” resolution kind of attitude. 

These effects are pretty simple but amazing being you can’t get this anywhere else. (Maybe you could, not thinking about anything else at this moment) The point is, binaural beats work. The power and functions of our brain is out of this world.

Brain waves being used to help assist you in your daily life is essential. For me, binaural beats is the food for your brain. Your brain needs to be nourished regularly.

I hope you guys enjoy these three that I have shared, but I also hope that you find some of your own and reap the benefits as I have. ❤ 


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