Just one of them days!

Hey babes, 

Today is one of those days for me. I wish it were winter again, and the rain was falling from the sky. I want to curl up, surf the web, and cuddle with my cat. I woke up today wishing I had all the energy in the world to do some insta shoots to promote some brands but my energy is telling me to lay low today. 

I went to bed last night praying, with so many tears coming down my face. I can’t say that the tears were out of sadness but out of feeling so genuine about what I was praying for. I think my prayer has me feeling the way I do today. 

I have been so fast pace and future tense thinking lately that I haven’t been in the present moment. I think my energy today is to help prepare me for my prayer to be answered. I need to be present in order to receive what I asked for. 

Along with being present, I have to honor how I am feeling and be gentle with myself. So today, until I feel inspired, I will be taking a break from everything. Having a me day. Where I get to be free and just do the little things I like to do for me. 

If you can relate to how I am feeling today, I hope you to give yourself some time to just be. It’s important that we take care of us. I know our lives have so many demands from us, but we can’t forget about how important we are too. 

I hope you guys have a really beautiful day, and an amazing night. I love you<3 

Kaylen Zahara

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