Practice to Commit

I finished my homework tonight. Did you?

I recently decided that I was going to be my own professor and assign myself homework on practicing my craft. 

I find it, as I continue to grow that routine and goals are essential to progressing. You have to be willing to commit to something if you want anything to change. 

So my new way of making sure I progress with my writing, and I accomplish my writing goals, is completing a writing assignment each day. 

I want to create a habit of committing. I have in the past, had a hard time committing to things such as working out everyday. The feeling of the same old same old routine really bothered me.

Or at least I thought that was it. I eventually realized that my laziness gave my ego a reason to come up with an excuse at to why I couldn’t commit to routines. 

So now, its homework time for me. I am getting into a new work routine coming soon, so I don’t want to find myself making another excuse as to why I am not dedicating time/routine to my craft.

By creating a homework assignment I am not only practicing my craft, I am also working on committing to a routine. Accomplishing two goals with one action. 

My first homework assignment has been completed. I assigned myself 10 quotes to type up a day for 15 days for a project I am currently working on.

I am so excited to see the results of committing to a routine for 15 days. I want this habit to stick so it can play into other areas of my life.

 What are some homework assignments you can come up with to help perfect your craft and commit to routine? 

-Kaylen Zahara

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