10 Ways To Update!

So it’s time for an update. 

I’ve been working on a lot and trying to find a balance lately with all things from Personal to Business. I have noticed a bit of a bug that needs to be fixed, and I am really ready to upgrade.

So tonight I am sharing with you a few tips on how to upgrade when you find yourself in a space of energy that isn’t beneficial for you anymore. But first lets put our finger on what bug needs to be fixed so we know how to create the new software update for it. 

Lets say our bug is the tendency to focus on lack. You know, when you complain about gas prices and find yourself not wanting to buy name brand products at the store cause they are priced high. That kind of focus. The type of focus that can’t get you the experience of abundance. 

Now that we have picked our bug to fix, we can then ask ourselves how we would like to create a software update to fix that bug. There are so many ways that you can go about updating. Every one is different and can come up with their own software. There are so many ways to get creative! 

Since our bug is focusing on lack, here are 10 ways to help go about updating so you can reach focusing on abundance. 

10 Ways to Update!

  1. Say no to  anything that drains your energy. Your energy is really important. No energy, the update can’t be downloaded. Stay charged up! 
  2. Write down 10 things each day that you are grateful for right now. It can be anything. The fact that you have a bottle of your favorite hair conditioner, or that you have a comfy bed to sleep in every night.
  3. Create a list of goals that you can work towards right now just to motivate you to stay focused on progress. Updating and progressing are pretty similar, so it helps to create new goals to accomplish.
  4. Meditate on abundance. Find a quiet place to get comfy, kick your shoes off, and close your eyes. 
  5. Envision abundance. Before you go to sleep each night, take a moment to envision yourself having the abundance you seek. 
  6. Write affirmations. Take time out each day to write down some affirmations to keep yourself committed to your update. The action of writing verses speaking your affirmations is very powerful. 
  7. Be mindful of your thoughts! When you are going about your day be mindful of what you are thinking! Pay attention to the chatter in your mind. If you aren’t holding thoughts that support your new upgrade, it’s time to think of something else. 
  8. Pay attention to what you say! It’s easy to get caught up in speaking of lack when talking to others. Be careful with your choice of words. Be creative and choose to create conversation about abundance. 
  9. Write down whats going right! Pay attention to what is happening for you. Everything that is going right in your life, write it down. Feel gratitude. Things could be different.
  10. Retreat. It’s really important to spend time with yourself to re-charge. Every week dedicate a time or day to do whatever makes you happy.

With these 10 tips on updating from lack to abundance, you can use for other bugs as well. Try to apply these tips in your own creative way to help fix other bugs you might have. Like I have learned, our mind is just like a computer. It can and always needs to be updated. 

Be sure to share with me any thing you guys have learned or become aware of in your process of updating. I’d love to hear all about it! 

Kaylen Zahara

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