How Pop Culture and Social Media is an Inspiration!

It’s Saturday. This is always the best day for me to surf the web, check up on the latest Breakfast Club interviews and totally dive into Pop Culture. I’ve always been intrigued by Pop Culture and the Entertainment industry since I was a child. It’s always been my dream to make some type of mark in the culture that my generation just can’t get enough of. 

Some people aren’t all that into social media, Pop Culture, and media outlets. A lot of people actually find it to be mindless entertainment.  I can see where some people could think that it’s not a really great way to feed ones mind with meaningful information. Some may say that feeding into Pop Culture and social media isn’t teaching us anything valuable and that there are other things to be focused on. But since I have gained a lot of great inspiration from being intrigued with social media, I can share with you why social media and Pop Culture can be helpful to some of us. 

Watching interviews on celebs were really helpful for me growing up. It allowed me to figure out who I wanted to be as an adult. It helped me envision what it would be like to be interviewed by media outlets and how to handle them. I have been modeling for 14 years now, and at a young age I was signed with LA Models. I had a dream of being an international model and living a life of a Star, so watching interviews on models like Tyra Banks was everything!


International Supermodel & Creator of America’s Next Top Model.

Growing up I didn’t have all the confidence in the world. I was insecure about my natural curls, I didn’t like how skinny I was, and I was self-conscious about how I looked in public. Being able to watch celebs online was my way of being able to pretend to know what it was like to be this confident “Star” I knew I wanted to be. I would sit and watch Tyra online and on tv and take notes. It was my way of practicing charisma and gaining character. I would watch how Tyra would pose, and mimic her flirtatious and charming body language. I even learned how to smize, because of her. (Smiling with your eyes.)


Growing up it was really important for me to be able to watch those who inspired me. I didn’t enjoy being insecure about myself so I looked forward to be able to watch others online or on tv who inspired me. Spending a few hours online surfing the web was helpful. The effect it had on my self-esteem was really encouraging for me. It took my insecure, to secure as I grew up. The ability to envision a new reality and be able to look at others lifestyles allowed me to realize what I wanted out of life and motivated me to do whatever it took to obtain what I wanted. 

With all the new technology and social media apps out here in 2016, my ability to envision and be inspired by celebs within Pop Culture has been magnified.  Growing up, not so much. Everything was pretty limited. But now, I can now have access to those who inspire me and help me shape my own path at my fingertips, 24/7. The growth of technology and the internet has done amazing things for me personally. Because of social media I have a platform to showcase myself and what I do. With the growth of the internet, I have this blog to share with the world.


Jamaican Goddess! Creative Director for Kloset Envy.

From logging onto Instagram to watching the latest music videos on YouTube Vevo Channel, I have always been appreciative of whats out there on the worldwide web! I can now be inspired by anyone in any field of work. It’s literally so amazing to me. 


Ya know, I’ve never been a huge fashionista but with the help of the internet and social media I can look up any style and trend and get inspiration. As I’ve gotten older, I have fallen in love with fashion. For me, the hottest inspiration in styling and fashion is Jai Nice. It’s just something about her swag that is nice! She rocks luxury and affordable items and put them together in ways I wouldn’t have thought of. For me, her being able to be on social media is great to have access to because it helps me to be inspired for upcoming photo shoots. Being able to screenshot her pics and take them along with me to shop is definitely helpful. She has some really fierce ways about rocking the latest trends and she gives me so many reasons to step my style game all the way up! From her wig game, her make up, and her dutty wine, she definitely helps me envision so much. 

Wilhelmina Model & Actress straight out of LA! 

Another amazing Instagram hottie I love to check up on is the beautiful Karrueche Tran’s. Kae’s Instagram account is so inspiring because she has taken her Instagram fame and turned it into a career for herself. She went from just being a pretty girl on a celebs arm to being the next best thing in Pop Culture.

Her ability to network in the entertainment industry and make a name for herself after dating we know who, (if you really don’t know who she dated, you can google it.) is a complete inspiration for me. Being able to see how she markets herself, and where her brand is going is really motivating.

From her makeup line, to her roles in new films, she is amazing to me! She took advantage of what she had in front of her and she is now on a journey of success. That just goes to show that just about anyone of us can make it happen. 

Barbados Queen!


Now the biggest inspiration for me currently is none other than Rihanna! Oh my goodness, she gives me Life! From her beauty, her music, her style, and the island swag she has, I live for it. She has a way of making you feel charmed. Her sexy is effortless and that’s so intriguing. 

Her whole image and ability to charm the world is LIFE GOALS! There is nothing more motivating than seeing an island ting do her thing and she not even from round here! She has taken over and has and always will be a great inspiration of mine. 

If it weren’t for the Pop culture and social media, I wouldn’t have the access to these people who inspire and motivate me to transform myself or to create. I couldn’t imagine the world without Saturdays surfing the web and envisioning the life of another as my very own one day.

Yeah sure, Pop Culture may not be teaching me how to find the square root of Pi. But what Pop Culture and social media is doing for me is keeping my imagination and passion alive! It’s teaching me how to keep hope and faith alive in my own dreams because I see others living them. It’s motivated me to become great and be the next influence online.

There are so many ways to teach. There are so many ways to learn. There are also so many ways to be inspired and I am really grateful for social media and Pop Culture. Social media has been a great way of giving people the opportunity to showcase themselves and be apart of something. It has given so many of us a purpose and a voice. How can you not see the good in that and be inspired? 

I would love to hear about who and what inspires you on social media, or in Pop Culture. The beautiful women I used as example on this post were just four of the hundreds of inspirations I have on social media and in Pop Culture. Comment below and share with me exactly how social media and Pop Culture has helped shaped you in a positive way! Talk with you soon ❤ 


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  1. This post was cute. I’ve just deleted my FB account because I simply can’t deal with the crazy people who have come out of the woodwork during this election., this post was sweet abd refreshing. Hugs
    -Buddhaful Britt

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