Used To Love You, But No More.

I know you ladies know what it’s like to fall for a guy who doesn’t love you, like you love them. Being naive, young minded, and too quick to give your all and your heart without anything in return.

Just so ready and willing to ride those deadly waves. Losing parts of you that you once loved. Trying to adapt to their world, and trying to fit the image you think they are looking for. 

It’s so unhealthy and damaging. So disappointing because all you wanted was for that person to see all your worth and reciprocate the same exact infatuation and love. For them to see no other girl but you. 

I know what it’s like to feel broken by the absence of love from the very guy I was in love with. The realist but fakest relationship I’ve ever had. How is that even possible right? But that’s exactly how it is for us when we are in a relationship with a guy who isn’t in a relationship. 

Yuna and Jhene Aiko just recently collabed and made a really dope song about loving a man, but moving on. It’s been about 3 years since I’ve been with the guy who taught me about love. The resentment has been released, just recently. The love is somewhat in tact, but the in love part, it’s moved along. 

If you’re grieving over a relationship that didn’t turn out how you’d like it, I want you to know that it gets better. I also want you to recognize that there is so much to be learned from relationships like those. Take the time to heal and see value within yourself. Don’t allow it dim your light. Moving on is a choice, and it’s an empowering one! 

Smile, trust that your heart will be healed! 

Kaylen Zahara

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