“I just want to be your light in the dark.”

People ask me why I blog. Well, lets take a trip down memory lane. 

About a year and a half ago I was living in Las Vegas, out of work at the time, and spending my days getting lifted and meditating. Sounds real hippy like right? I was in a space of coming through a spiritual awakening that had me up for days and constantly writing in my journal. I had no clue what my next move was when it came to work and if I was going to be able to pay rent for my bachelorette pad. By the way, that pad was one of my absolute favorite apartments I’ve had so far. Any who, I was just in a complete space of un-clarity. 

So one early morning, after being up for a total of like 26 hours, I decided to write down what I wanted my next couple of months to look like. I listed some financial goals, some body goals, and then I wrote down a goal that would serve myself and others. That goal was creating a book. Now at that time, I had many ideas as to what I could write a book about but I wanted whatever I’d be writing to be beneficial to the person reading it. 

That was easy. That eliminated a lot of my ideas and left me with the Law of Attraction. I figured I could write a simple how to about applying the Law of Attraction to your everyday life. I was geeked. Mind you, I was jobless with rent coming up and I’m geeked about writing a book that won’t be the solution to paying rent. What a dreamer. You couldn’t tell me shit. 

So after a few days, I had like twelve pages worth of writing for my new book. After reading thru the pages over and over I felt a little unsatisfied. I felt like it was going to take forever to get this book in front of people so they could soak up the knowledge I had to give them. It eventually made me stop writing. So those pages just resided on my desktop. 

It wasn’t until one night of just being so dissatisfied with not being able to vent about my spiritual awakening I was going through that it dawned on me that I could blog about it. I had already been apart of the Tumblr community for many years. I loved to blog photos that spoke to me or intrigued me. But Tumblr didn’t seem to fit for my idea of blogging about what I was going through internally. So I went on Google and searched some free blog sites and came across WordPress. 

I immediately signed up and began my first post. ( Click Here to check out my first post ) I was so excited to have this outlet to just get what was in my head out. It’s one thing to write in my journal but the feeling of being able to share how deep my mind goes, was extremely fulfilling. It was like performing on stage and hearing a crowd of people cheer and show how much the related. 

The next day, I created a post. The day after I did the same. Then one day, I got a like and a comment from a random person saying they loved my post. It wasn’t until that moment that I realized that blogging could be my way of being of service to others. I had found my instant way of reaching out to others to help them.

I was at first a bit nervous of the idea. You know, when you have a dream so big that it scares you? Well blogging for a higher purpose kind of terrified me because I figured I’d just be asking for judgment and probably wouldn’t even receive an audience that cared to read what I had to say. 

I was being majorly pessimistic but I decided to give it a try anyway. Screw it, I had nothing better to do and I knew deep down inside it made me feel whole. 

So long, story short, I created this blog a year and a half ago so I could become a light worker. A person who cared to be of service to others. Spread a new state of mind, love, and light. This blog is my outlet to the world so that those who don’t have people or the resources around them to teach them things that can change their lives. 

I just want to make this world a better place by reaching out to the people so they can be the better versions of themselves. I want to be the reason why a young troubled girl turns into a wise, spiritual woman. I want to be the reason why a young wild boy turns into a respectful, courageous man. I want to be the reason why you start living out your dreams and passions. I just want to be your light in the dark. I blog because its my way of giving love to the world. I do it for you. 

Kaylen Zahara

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