“All I’m trying to say is, fuck it.”

You guys, I ask that you all just stop giving a fuck! Literally just let go, and say fuck it! I’m not saying send out negative energy, I’m saying release the negative energy by saying fuck it so you can gain that positive energy you need in order to live the life you really deserve!

If it’s out of your control, fuck it. 

If it’s not important, fuck it. 

If it’s stressing you, fuck it.

If it isn’t working, fuck it. 

If it’s not chasing you, fuck him… I meant it :0 

If it hurts, fuck it.

If you can’t let go, fuck it. 

If you aren’t ready, fuck it.

If it’s weighing you down, fuck it. 

If it don’t smell right, don’t fuck it! lol I’m just playing y’all. 

Basically all I am trying to say is, fuck it! Be who you were designed to be and let go of anything that is keeping you from being the best version of you. Take your time with things, relax, accept things for what they are, be free, let loose, and stop tripping. I am not saying give up, I am just saying if you need to release yourself from something, then do so! Don’t make no sense to endure something that isn’t pleasing you AT THE MOMENT. Catch that drift, pick up what I put down! 😉

What are some things you need to say fuck it to? 

xoxo Kaylen Zahara

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