Have Mr. Right knocking at your Door!

Ladies, have you ever really wondered why Mr. Perfect hasn’t come around? Do you spend an enormous amount of your energy complaining about how guys just aren’t meeting your standards? Well I guess I am here to tell you that’s why he isn’t around! You, like me, spend too much damn time talking about how annoying Mr. Wrong is! We constantly think about how much Mr. Wrong is the reason why we aren’t happy with our love life. This is where we have shit fucked up! Excuse my language but I’m serious.

If we want Mr. Right to come around, then we need to stop giving Mr. Wrong our energy. Aint no way in hell we are going to attract Mr. Right while we are still discussing the bullshit that Mr. Wrong is pulling. That don’t even add up, because we know good and well that what we give our energy to manifest. So no wonder Mr. Wrong keeps knocking at the front door ( and the back door), we can’t stop being so obsessed with him! We can’t go a day without thinking about how disrespectful, and childish Mr. Wrong is. This has to stop.

It’s time that we release all our past experiences with Mr. Wrong and start day dreaming about Mr. Right. Talking about how amazing it would be to have a great man who you can depend on, is what we need to start discussing. Even taking it to the extent of writing down all the amazing qualities you’d like for Mr. Right to have is what we need to be doing. No more gossiping with your homegirl about how Mr. Wrong aint shit. No, no-no, not no more. If we want to find Mr. Right, we have to start giving him energy so he can start knocking at every door!

Do what you need to do to get this new mindset jumping! If you need to watch an amazing love story to help you envision Mr. Right, then do so hunny! Go on instagram, fantasize about who ever Mr. Right is! Contact Mr. Right, start recognizing you deserve Mr. Right! I don’t care what it is, just focus on Mr. Right cause we all deserve him and its enough of them out there for all of us! I promise! It’s going to feel so good when you get him too, watch! So cheers to no more settling! Let’s arrive at the destination of boss chick status, where Mr. Wrongs don’t belong! We got this! 😉

xoxo Kaylen Zahara

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