What If

Lets play the What If game! Lets step back from feeding all the doubt and fear and lets start asking ourselves “What If?” I will kick it off ….

What if, I was given 1 million dollars?

What if, I owned the car of my dreams?

What if, I was given the money I need to launch my first business?

What if, I had the best relationships with those in my life?

Now it’s your turn! Write down or speak it aloud, your own list of What Ifs. The whole purpose of this exercise is to allow your mind to accept the endless possibilities that surround you. You can easily receive what it is you are looking for but you first have to acknowledge that it is even possible. This exercise will defiently be a great way to also raise your vibrations and guide your thoughts to a more uplifting place when you are in a state of doubt or fear.

– Kaylen Zahara

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