Hike Got Me Like

Today was amazing for me. I woke up to a large breakfast that my mom made for me, I took a hike, I hit the gym, and I even had two clean protein diet meals today. Oh, I even drank over a quart of alkaline water! (might not be much, but I am thrilled) I feel so motivated, optimistic, light, and ready to get things done. It’s like a whole new mood has taken over. Since I have been home from the show I have been pretty lethargic and introverted. Just not really wanting to socialize, or be amongst people. I guess I was just still holding onto the stress and anxiety I experienced during filming.

My anxiety took a tole on me and trying to settle back into home and everyday life hasn’t been a walk in the park with my clouded mental. So todays hike really did it for me, it’s been the first one since I got home. Before I left for the show, hiking became my new hobby. I’d typically hike at about 8am over at Rubidoux in Riverside and finish four miles. For me hiking is just an amazing way for me to get in touch with nature and be in tune with myself. It’s so spiritual and therapeutic. I literally am coming to appreciate walking and I’d love to start doing it more often. I love to say thank you with each step that I take just to practice my gratitude. I legit do that! (lol) I even take out the time to chant my affirmations in my head as I am walking. I don’t be playing!

So, any who, I just really wanted to share how excited I am about how today has helped me. I am really proud of myself for immediately going to the gym after the hike just to be sure that I worked on my core and abs. I am also impressed with my actions of drinking alkaline water and eating two clean protein meals. Today was a good day! (Def had Ice Cubes voice in my head) I hope you guys also had some type of uplifting moment in your day and did something with that new mood. I am expecting tomorrow to be even better, and hopefully you’ll get to read all about it! I am about to sign off, so goodnight and thank you for all the views! Love you guys ❤

– Kaylen Zahara

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