Hypnosis Test

So last night I made the decision to listen to a hypnosis video. I’ve always done Reiki to help me remove any blocks and negative energy but I’ve never tried Hypnotherapy. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to find a Hypnosis video on YouTube and test it out for free before I go pay for a session that I’m not sure will help me. So I gave this video (down below) a shot and I feel that it definitely did lift some lingering anxiety and negative blocks I had been carrying. I woke up feeling much lighter and a bit more optimistic than I have been these past couple weeks. So its safe to say that I will continue to listen to some Hypnosis videos for at least two weeks and then decide if I want to take it further and book a session. If you are looking for some help to release anything, I suggest trying a Hypnosis video, Reiki, or even listening to some binaural beats and see how it affects you. You never know, and it never hurts to try to help yourself. – Kaylen Zahara

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