Quote of the Week

Every moment is a new moment. At this very moment you can be feeling upset with someone but five minutes from now decide to feel content with that same person. The beauty in being able to let go and allow emotions to be temporary is underrated. Majority of society doesn’t recognize that every moment is supposed to be treated like a new moment. Too many people are stuck in believing that if they made the choice to feel anger yesterday, they have to hold that anger. Allow every present moment to be your excuse to change your mind. How refreshing is that? So what if you said you wouldn’t do that one thing again. If your emotions and perspective in the present moment give you every reason to want to do that specific thing again, than do it! Don’t be afraid of change or temporary beliefs, thoughts, and emotions. You are living out your own journey, so don’t let anyone tell you that you are doing it wrong. Live in every present moment and do what makes you feel good. Everything that you are is enough, & everything you do never defines you. 

Kaylen Zahara

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