Happy Valentines Day – Self Love Day

Today I took out the time to give myself love. When I say that, I decided that today is the day I make it a conscious effort to accept myself as I am, and for where I am. I chose to make this day about inner work since any other Valentine before this I would spend it on having someone give me love versus me giving myself love. I was caught up in the energy that this day brings, you know, expecting a gift and for someone to prove they chose me. I wasn’t ever concerned with spending this national holiday (not sure if it’s else where in the world, but if it is, thats great) with myself, for myself. I was just busy looking outward for love, versus looking inward for love.

Compared to the average person, today anyone around me would probably say I did not celebrate this holiday. They would consider the celebration to have been me spending it with a mate and buying gifts. However,in my eyes, just the love and acceptance I gave myself was celebrating. I did little things that mattered to me, for me. I hiked. I love hiking and lately its been on my weekly things to do. I chose to be away from home and submerge myself in a quieter place so I could have my time to meditate all day if I wanted to. Little things like that was equivalent to me having a mate on this day and exchanging really nice gifts. I was celebrating me. Accepting my body, ideas, current relationships, work ethic, etc. I even lit some cannabis and had an extremely passionate meditation that had me vibrating on the frequency of love.

Today wasn’t about anyone else but myself and giving gratitude to Source (God) that created me to be here to contribute to this world. I gave thanks to the very life force that I am. I was vibrating on so much love today that I surrendered to my justifications and reasoning to sometimes feeling lack of love for others. I was just able to let go and gain back my divine light. Sometimes, well most of the time, it is so easy to distract ourselves from feeling like this. The feeling of just being in the moment and accepting, giving gratitude, and releasing whats needed to be released so that we can continue to expand. It’s passionate connected moments like this make me want to work harder to feel like this 24/7. The feeling of being connected to the Source within is very peaceful and rewarding. This feeling wasn’t meant for just one day out of the year, so I say we all get to it and reap the benefits. We were created to thrive so why not choose to.


Kaylen Zahara









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