9:11 Honesty

I always see this combo of numbers when I check for the time. For awhile I didn’t like it because it reminded me of the police. You know, the feeling of lack of trust or not feeling safe. I am currently learning to rewire myself to think that the police are safe and can be trusted, only because I know it would be of a benefit to think that way. We manifest what we choose to believe and feel. Anyways, after so many time of seeing this combo of numbers I decided to look up the number 9 on numerology.com. I was surprised to read that the number represents someone who understands all of mankind. Someone who doesn’t see the difference between their neighbor and someone living in a totally different culture.

I found that so interesting because I am that person. I am always saying how I could understand why someone does this, or likes this, or chooses that. I always have naturally analyzed others and took it upon myself to understand them or their actions. Some people I know notice it and have even said I make excuses for others, but its not excuses its just me choosing to see them for what they are in the moment.

A few days after looking up the number, tonight, I looked up the list of double digits and found out that 11 means “highly intuitive, and even psychic”. I won’t pretend that I was surprised because since I was little I knew that I was highly intuitive and psychic. Its not anything that I was taught or picked up. I was born with it. My birth date ( November 18th) even states that I was born a very extremely intuitive and psychic spirit.

So now I am putting these two numbers together, 9 & 11. I now have a reason to smile when ever I see this combo of numbers. To me now, it is a reminder of who I am, and a reminder to stay in tune with all mankind and to listen to my intuition. I see this combo as a message from my angels. I don’t know what my angels look like or what form they take, but I do believe I have energies that guide me all the time. 9:11 is just one of the many symbols and messages I have been aware of. I so look forward to being conscious enough to see all the others and take what I need from each one.

Kaylen Zahara

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