Sometimes I think it’s healthy to let things you know don’t serve you to just ride out. Like that relationship you’ve had with someone for a period of time that has never served you but you don’t let go because of a spark. The consistent inconsistency of that relationship drives you crazy because you know it doesn’t serve you but the fire is so warm that it’s so comforting to stay near so your heart doesn’t go cold.

Those confusing sparks that have yet to reveal anything of benefit are sometimes perfect to let ride out. Hidden blessings are waiting to be revealed once that spark burns out. Why try to control the spark by putting it out on your own? Fear won’t ever reveal a blessing. So why not have faith and trust that when that spark is out, you will have your answer. Let your spark it take its course and burn out on its own. Have faith and find the beauty in what you can’t understand.

Kaylen Zahara 

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