How often do you practice forgiveness?

How often do you remind yourself that forgiveness is important in life? Do you only forgive others months or years after they have done something to you or do you immediately forgive right away? I can say that I typically have always forgiven someone after a long period of time has passed. When I think about it, I realize how damaging that pattern has been on me mentally, emotionally, and physically. Why would I hold on to something for so long that could have been let go of as soon as it arised? May it be ego, pride, or ignorance? Not sure, but regardless of what it is, I would like to be more conscious when it comes to forgiving. I’d like to be able to release any ill feeling towards someone immediately versus over time. The  affect of holding onto ill feelings about anyone or anything is not worth being out of harmony with my own high vibrations. It is time I hold myself accountable for forgiving at all times and making it a lifestyle versus a option based on circumstances.  – Kaylen Zahara

2 Replies to “How often do you practice forgiveness?”

  1. Not forgiving does seem to be aligned with an ego attachment. It seems that if you can not identify with the ego, then you don’t even need to forgive because you are not offended as easily by others’ actions. Hope this makes sense.

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