Set Your Standards High! 


Don’t get caught up in the facade and front a man puts on for you and the public. Material items and how fat a pocket is will not nourish your soul. Be cautious of where you are emotionally and mentally before you enter a relationship. Be sure that you aren’t wearing blinders. So often do we as women give away more credit to a guy who did nothing to impress us spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. We get caught up in the idea and potential of someone versus understanding that if we date someone, they need to be in a state of nourishment for us NOW. Not later. If you feel like you are wrapped up in the facade, move along before you find your energy and spirit zapped. Be Conscious Ladies ✨ Set Them Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Standards High & Remember it is all a learning process! Practice make perfect! 💋                                        – Kaylen Zahara

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