Video Of The Week

Good Evening, 

I hope you all had a really great weekend and an even greater Monday. This weeks video is a success story about a man named Ryan Blair who went from being a gang member to a successful author and entrepreneur. Ryans story grabbed me because I truly believe that anyone can turn their circumstances around and change their life no matter where they start from. His story is very relatable and inspiring. After watching this documentary about Ryan, it made me once again remind myself of my own end goals and belief system. I immediately got out my journal where I keep my goals listed and I began revualiting them and seeing how I could challenge myself more. 

I too, just like Ryan, knows what it is like to be hit with multiple scenarios in life that make you feel like it’s over for you. I too, also know what it’s like to have my faith tested. Ryan has a really great outlook on keeping faith and what pain and struggle in life can mean for someone. I hope that this video reaches someone who can relate to Ryan and his story and motivate them to not give up. Anything is possible and everything is to gain. 

Enjoy (: 

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