Temporary Somebodies

Nothing worse than a temporary somebody who sells you a dream into believing that the genuine, intimate, and compatible experience you two are having is more than just that one experience. They charm you into believing that you are their new favorite part of their day and new reason to look forward to a beautiful relationship. Meanwhile, when you aren’t paying attention, when your back is turned, when your asleep, and when you are away, they play the same fascade with someone else. 

Those temporary somebodies are always those trying to fill a void. They suffer with emotions they aren’t ready to face and heal so they drag others along with their misery by pretending to be something they know they aren’t capable of being. You aren’t their issue and you aren’t their focus either. It’s these type of people you want to be careful with. These are the type of somebodies that jade you, make you afraid to open up and love after moving on.

See that somebody as someone who needs to be healed, but understand it’s not your job to be someone’s disposable bile bag while they figure out their emotional baggage. Don’t let the potential and desire to be loved allow you to settle for something you know isn’t meant for you. Someone who is emotionally conscious and available is what you deserve. Don’t let anyone dim your light and never let temporary somebodies settle into your life. đź’‹

                                – Kaylen Zahara 

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